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The Novel Blog

The Novel Blog

Good News / Bad News

“The Golden State Killer case was cracked with a genealogy website. What does that mean for genetic privacy?”

Crimes are solved and hopefully deterred.  Is a crime-free society in our future?  Is a privacy-free society synonymous?

Trouble is Near


Trust — Institutional, distributed or both? — In November 2017, The World Economic Forum released a short essay on trust and the idea of a transition from institutional to distributed trust.  It raises questions about how we as humans may view it in 2030, including NetFlix Black Mirror types of questions.  The article invites a more in-depth response, but for now, I will simply share a quote that addresses a major issue in the Trouble is Near novel: “…it [distributed trust] brings with it the risk of trusting the wrong people or things; and new ethical challenges around letting algorithms become the arbiters of truth.”



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