…nearer than you think.


“Trouble is Near” is thought provoking, funny, and… disturbing.  It brings you into a future that feels at once far away and yet coming soon, if it’s not already here.  The writing is smart, and the characters — both human and machine — are compelling.  There is something for everyone here: Action and intrigue, philosophy and reflection, new worlds and familiar human drama.  Once you’re in, you won’t want to leave.
Thomas Carley, business executive, consultant, raconteur, also former business colleague and present-day friend


“Trouble Is Near” works wonderfully on two levels: it vividly portrays what life would be like in 2035, dominated by artificial intelligence and robots, and it tells a story so compelling that we forget how scary these realities may be for us. What fun!

John Ross, an AI wiz now retired to the Adirondacks, is asked by his former bosses to help untangle two deaths. Could they really be murder-suicide as determined by the robots used to investigate? And how can we still have serious crime in a world where all our conversations and movements are recorded by the system?

Untangling the mystery requires patience, human brains and our unsung hero, Callistus, a resourceful robot who gets smarter — and develops a sense of humor — as it partners with Ross. The result is a fast-paced tale that will make you think twice about where the AI revolution is taking us.

Dennis Stern, lawyer, journalist, business executive, law school executive, grandfather and also former business colleague and present-day friend


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